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ORGASM DENIAL: The exercise whereby a person human being is not really permitted to reach sexual orgasm without the authorization of An additional human being, or for just a established length of time, or occasionally whatsoever, Regardless that that man or woman may be permitted (or essential) to interact in sexual action or sex.

PERCUSSION: Any method of influence Participate in involving striking with a blunt or quite heavy carry out, like a buck hammer or Taylor hammer.

ST. ANDREW'S CROSS: A well-liked type of bondage furnishings consisting of an X-shaped cross, frequently made of wood but at times fabricated from metal or other materials, to which a person could be certain and flogged, whipped, etc.

FISTING: The observe of inserting your complete hand in to the vagina or (much less usually) into your anus. Commentary:

Cuckoldry is distinctive in the apply of »polyamory« from the perception that it is completed inside a context in which the submissive has no direct Manage above the dominant's other companions, and the primary purpose would be to humiliate the submissive.

Safe and sound, SANE, AND CONSENSUAL (SSC): A code of perform which holds that any activity involving adults is acceptable as long as it truly is Harmless, sane, and consensual. Often held up being a test to whether a specific exercise is ethical. See connected RACK. Commentary: Many people see a flaw in the concept of "Secure, sane, and consensual" simply because whether an activity is "Safe and sound" and "sane" is subjective, and because folks might opt to have interaction in actions which could not usually be "Risk-free," as in some sorts of edge play (def.

The initial cat o' 9 tails was made by unbraiding a bit on the rope employed aboard British sailing ships. Just about every rope was manufactured from three sections twisted alongside one another, Just about every click over here portion of which consisted of three cords twisted jointly, And so the rope when untwisted had 9 tails.

TAWSE: An instrument useful for placing or whipping a person, consisting of a thick, weighty leather-based strap which splits into two or 3 parallel tails at the hanging stop.

Most often refers to a man whose husband or wife tactics cuckoldry by possessing sex with other companions, though often employed to explain Females also. For the feminine equivalent, see

HANKY CODE: A covert strategy designed mainly via the old leather Neighborhood for marketing 1's BDSM Tastes and to point the pursuits through which a person was fascinated. The code labored through the use of a process of colored handkerchiefs, typically worn from the back again pocket, about the still left facet for dominants and the ideal facet for submissives.

CROSS-DRESSING: Sexual arousal or gratification from sporting garments suitable for the alternative intercourse.

EVIL STICK: Colloquial An implement consisting of a skinny rod of carbon fiber, generally concerning the diameter of the mechanical pencil direct, hooked up to a small, rigid deal with.

Engage in PIERCING: A sort of needle Participate in where the needles are placed throughout the skin or through areas of the human body including nipples. The piercings Therefore made may or may not have products for instance rings positioned by way of them.

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